To the Parents of a Youth:

Are you the parent of a teen or young adult who is in the midst of a gender identity struggle and asking yourself, "What can I do to intervene?" Did you catch your teen viewing "gay" pornography? Has your teen openly identified himself or herself as "gay?"

On a daily basis, youth are exposed to messages and images that challenge their divine design, intent and identity. As parents, we should not just assume that our children would grow into heterosexual feelings and identity.

Throughout the year, Prodigal Ministries offers classes for parents, youth pastors, and churches on Preventing Homosexuality in Today's Youth. These classes teach practical ways we can help our children become comfortable in their gender identity. If you'd like to schedule this class for your church please contact us.

Individual counseling is also available for parents of teens and for teens and young adults struggling with gender identity and/or homosexuality. Please contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Featured Testimony:
"God has restored me to freedom since I went into counseling with [Prodigal Ministries]," says Jalyssa, a college student at Ohio University.

In a letter to her Prodigal counselor Jalyssa writes:
"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting God use you in my life. Your wisdom and conviction have led me to understand a lot of basic truths about God that I had been missing for the majority of my life. God bless you for your courage in tackling the lies behind homosexuality and God bless you for the love you extend to those who face same-sex attraction."

Recently, Jalyssa gave her personal testimony to a lecture hall full of people as a part of Campus Crusade for Christ's weekly meeting at Ohio University. Listen to Jalyssa's testimony.