Do you struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction? Do you find yourself enmeshed in co-dependent and emotionally dependent relationships with other women? Do you look for love and acceptance through sexual relationships with other women? Is the burden of secrecy crushing you?


There is hope! Purity and relational wholeness are possible!


One-to-one confidential counseling and, or mentoring is available. Please contact us to learn more about counseling and mentoring and or to ask about support groups for women.


Featured Testimony:
Robin came to Prodigal Ministries for help. She wanted to change. God heard her cry and gave her the desires of her heart. It all began with sexual abuse when she was in second grade.


Even before the abuse Robin was struggling. "I really didn’t like chasing boys or any of that other girlie stuff. I started developing feelings for other girls; attractions. I knew that they weren’t right. I lived in shame and disgust of myself."


This self-loathing continued all through high school. Robin shares that, "the burden of secrecy was crushing me, and I was unable to free myself from the temptations and lies. I broke."


Robin began counseling at Prodigal Ministries in her senior year of high school. After exploring every aspect of her life, she realized that she hated men. This revelation was the beginning of a long journey of healing. It started with Robin asking God to free her. Robin and her counselor listened to the Spirit of God and prayed through many issues over several months. God was faithful! Robin was experiencing the change she was seeking.


"Today I live in freedom for what God has done for me through Christ. I live in hope and excitement in the plans God has for my life."