With Jesus anything is possible.
Prodigal Ministries assists people who desire to come out of homosexuality. We respect and unconditionally love every person regardless of his or her sexual identity or feelings. We desire the utmost good for all, and conclude that God in His Word did not ordain homosexuality, but He had a greater redemption and restoration in mind for all. We believe that fully accepting homosexuality is not the only position or option.

Homosexuality is not genetic or biochemical.
We are not persuaded by the theories or the propaganda that homosexuality is genetic, in-born or in any way an unchangeable destiny. We believe that developmental conditions such as family dynamics, personality traits, and life events may leave some individuals predisposed towards a same-gender attraction.

People can change and change is not an all-or-nothing process.
We believe a person can obtain a heterosexual identity by mending the wounded places in his or her emotions, belief systems, and relational abilities. Change is not immediate nor is it all or nothing. Growth and healing are a life-time process.

Any person with same-gender attraction has the freedom to choose to receive support from Prodigal Ministries and other believers.
Oftentimes, men and women who face the issues that affect them deeply in their sexual identity and feelings gain little support and much opposition. We believe that men and women with unwanted same-sex attractions have the right to supportive assistance. We desire to offer information, prayer, and support to individuals who choose to embrace the process of change.