~ MEN ~
Do you struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction? Maybe you've been living as a homosexual for years. Do you struggle with a sex addiction or unwanted same-sex attraction? Are you weary from struggling alone? There is hope. Change is possible and Prodigal Ministries is walk with you on your journey.

Once a week, we lead a homosexual recovery support group for men called Taking Back Ground. This group provides a safe environment where you can share your thoughts, feelings, and struggles. One-to-one confidential counseling or mentoring is also available.

Please contact us to learn more about Prodigal's support groups, counseling, and mentoring for men.

Featured Testimony:
Paul feels like his real life began at age 43. "That's when I found God's power to resist temptations for homosexual activity," he says.

Until he was 38, Paul led a double life. He was married for nearly two decades but secretly having one-night affairs with men. After a suicide attempt and a failed marriage, he decided to live an openly gay lifestyle. "I was looking for love," says Paul. He was trying to find the love and acceptance that had eluded him his entire life.

But Paul didn't find the love and freedom that he wanted. "I had reached the absolute pit after five years of being openly gay." That's when Paul turned to God and Prodigal Ministries for help.

The counseling and support that Prodigal offered helped Paul examine his beliefs about love, relationships, and his identity. "I let God lead me into healing - sorting all this out has taken time but the result is a new understanding of who I am as a man."