Maybe you know the story of the prodigal child in Luke chapter 15. Perhaps you feel like you are living that story right now. Your son or daughter, or very significant loved one, has chosen to live apart from you and in a way that is very different from your way of life. Years of relationship seem set aside by the departure. Your heart feels stretched beyond what feels bearable, and sometimes the bond feels forever severed.

What do you do when a loved one tells you they are going to live a life that embraces homosexuality? What do you do in the midst of the complexity of your own emotions, the leaving of the loved one, and the fear of conflict and difficulty if the relationship is continued?

You are not alone. Prodigal Ministries is here to help. There are others like you who participate in a twice a month support group for parents and loved ones who are connected to someone in homosexuality. This support group is called H.O.P.E. and is a safe environment where you can share your thoughts and feelings.

If you'd like to learn more about our support group for loved ones, please contact us.

Featured Testimony:
"I need a support group because I want to be a whole person. I cannot be alone with this pain. I need supportive others that will listen, affirm and call me forward into Christ's likeness. To tell the truth, I am one of those people who needs regular times of encouragement and accountability with a few brothers and sisters. I need a place that lets me belong without having to perform, a small group that helps me grow, heal and relate to real life."