Prodigal Ministries began with Jerry Armelli in 1986. Today, more than twenty years later, Jerry is still at the helm. Under his leadership, the ministry has grown from serving 30 people in the first year to serving more than 550 men, women, youth, and loved ones each year.

Over the years Prodigal has expanded its support groups and services to meet the growing needs of the people we serve. What started as a homosexual recovery ministry has expanded to include help for sex addicts, families and friends of homosexuals, persons with HIV/AIDS, youth with gender identity struggles, and consulting for clergy and clinicians.

From the beginning, Prodigal Ministries has consistently managed its resources well � spending 75% or more of every dollar on programming and direct services for men and women in need of help. The remaining 25% of every dollar funds administration and fundraising to support the ministry.