Same-gender attraction devestates the lives of so many men, women, and teens - people like Robert. Robert was a married man and involved in Christian work but he was living a double life as a closet gay. Years of living a double life and hundreds of homosexual encounters all came crashing down when he brought home a horrific sexually transmitted disease. What followed was excruciating emotional pain, guilt, stress, fear, shame and confusion. Incredibly, his wife made the choice to stay.

Robert and his wife came to Prodigal Ministries for help. Our individual counseling and support groups along with God's work in their lives brought about healing. Healing that continues to this day. A while back Robert expressed his thankfulness for our ministry.

"I give thanks for so many things in this season of my life and Prodigal ministries is one of them. Prodigal Ministries has been God's instrument to help me through recovery that I never thought possible. Your ministry to my wife and me has been an incredible blessing."

Would you please give a gift to help other men, women, youth, and families find wholeness and restoration?

Thank you for being a blessing to so many hurting people.