Established in 1986 Prodigal Ministries supports men and women with unwanted same-gender attractions. The ministry’s helps have grown to include numerous issues surrounding sexuality including: sexual addiction, sexual abuse, trans-gender issues and extramarital affairs (homos-specific). Through a personal and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ individuals can experience sexual purity and relational wholeness. With Jesus anything is possible!


In a spirit of gentleness, humility, and love, Prodigal’s staff offers more than 50 years of combined experience in counseling, mentoring, and group facilitation. The Founding Director, Jerry Armelli, and the staff at Prodigal Ministries understand firsthand the struggles and complexities of sexuality. Each of them personally struggled with various aspects of sexual and/or relational brokenness before being transformed through Christ.


Prodigal Ministries provides counseling, support groups, mentoring, information, and prayer for menwomen, and youth seeking recovery from unwanted homosexual attractions, sexual abuse, sexual addiction and transgender issues. Prodigal also helps loved ones connected to someone with same-gender attractions or who is gay-identified.


In addition to offering restorative help for more than 550 individuals each year, Prodigal Ministries trains and equips therapists and ministry leaders