Life is a journey. We are all going somewhere. Many of us have felt that we had no power in the outcome of that journey – then Christ came into our lives as Redeemer, as Savior, and as our friend.

Are you struggling with a sex addiction or unwanted same-sex attraction? Are you weary from struggling alone?

There is hope. You are not condemned to a life of shame or secrecy. Prodigal Ministries is here to walk with you on your journey to freedom and wholeness through the power of Jesus.

Our caring staff provides counseling, support groups, mentoring, information, and prayer for men, women, and youth. We also help loved ones connected to someone in homosexuality and train and equip therapists and ministry leaders.


Men : Women : Youth : Loved Ones : Clergy & Clinicians



We respect and unconditionally love every person regardless of his or her sexual identity or feelings. We desire the utmost good for all, and conclude that God in His Word did not ordain homosexuality, but He had a greater redemption and restoration in mind for all.

Prodigal Ministries offers counseling, mentoring, information, prayer, and support for men and women who choose to embrace the life-time process of change and healing.

We believe:
1. With Jesus anything is possible.

2. Homosexuality is not genetic or biochemical.
3. People can change and change is not an all-or-nothing process.
4. Any person with same-gender attraction has the right and freedom to choose and to receive support from Prodigal Ministries and other believers. Learn more.



Again and again, men and women communicate how critical Prodigal Ministries’ services were at a time in their lives when they needed help the most. In Joe’s case, a married father of two, he reached out for help when he was at the lowest point in his life and desperate to change.

"I led a double life. I had anonymous sex with hundreds of men. I knew I didn’t want to continue. I had hit bottom…Prodigal comes along side men and helps them on their way."

Joe made a serious commitment to change and knew he couldn’t do it alone. With the counseling, support and guidance that Prodigal Ministries offered, Joe has turned his life around and saved his marriage.

Hundreds of other marriages like Joe’s have been restored, families reunited, relationships mended, and men and women led to freedom and wholeness with the help of Prodigal Ministries and Jesus Christ.